EBC for Businesses

Waiting is not an option in the business industry, which is why you can start language training at EBC throughout the year. An intensive course when you are pressed for time. A session or evening during the week, when the need is less urgent. In one-on-one projects, because that is the only way of achieving a maximum result in a short space of time, and classes can be scheduled at times that suit you best.

We offer group training to multiple students from the same organisation. This can be done onsite if you wish.

You learn the language that ties in with your profession and work environment. Whatever the situation for which you need language skills: on the telephone, at meetings, when receiving visitors, reading technical manuals, writing e-mails, etc. You will learn the appropriate vocabulary for all sectors: from agriculture to industry, from the government to business service providers.

The internationally recognised European Framework guarantees the quality of our language training. All projects are recognised by CEDEO and the NRTO, and a lot of them are eligible for grants via O&O funds.

An EBC language course is an investment with guaranteed results!

Call 0164 265679 or send an e-mail to lvkerkhof@ebc.nl for more information.

Internationally recognized language level

All language courses at EBC are based on the Common European Framework (CEFR), an internationally recognized language proficiency level. You will receive a certificate with the achieved level at the end of your course .  

CEDEO Customer Satisfaction

See the CEDEO customer satisfaction research 2019 here and read about why our customers are so satisfied. 

Several possibilities for subsidies

EBC offers customized language courses for various sectors (eg . the Fruit and Vegetable sector ) and for all levels and functions. Various kinds of grants are possible, which will be reimbursed up to 50% of the course fee . Training vouchers are also valid at EBC .